About World Vision Project ETH-182359

Around 1.5 million Ethiopians were infected with AIDS in 2003 (UN estimate). The district of Lalo Assabi is affected the worst with more than 11.000 infected – reflecting 14% of the districts population. Among the reasons for such high figures in rural areas are the lack of education and the circumcision of girls around the age of 11 or 12 with unhygienic blades. World Vision is fighting against this dangerous and traumatizing practice with dedicated programs. It is estimated that in Ethiopia 720.000 children and young adults have become orphans through AIDS. Many have to leave school and work hard to support the remaining family.


Location of the project

World Vison focused its work in the Lalo Assabi district in Ethiopia, around 450 kilometers from the capital Addis Abbeba. A major road connects several cities of the district with Addis Abbeba. Through sexual contact of truck drivers with prostitutes the disease is spread all over the country.


What are your donations used for?

World Vision supports the education of volunteer supporters that regularly visit the families. Seed, chickens, sheeps and goats are bought and given to the children. Training courses of how to keep the animals and cultivate the seeds is provided so that the families learn to become independent.  Your donations also support the medical care and AIDS education for the families in the Lalo Assabi region. Your donation directly supports children in Ethiopia,  that have lost their childhood way too early because of AIDS.


More information can be found on www.worldvision.org

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